Online chat with avatars sexy

23-Jul-2017 19:55

Avatar creator Meez is back in the news this week, but there are dozens more avatar creation tools gunning for this market.

Today we attempt an overview of that market: please add more suggestions in the comment section.

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The animation and overall look of the avatar is sourced from a real picture, actually ending up almost like a personal CGI generator.

In short, an adult virtual world is exactly that, adult.

Most will require a credit card to verify your age, or at least, the responsible platforms worth mentioning will.

Blogscoped- Chat with others in this virtual, visual, chatroom, which makes efficient use of user avatars.

While it may not appear to be that "web 2.0" it uses PHP, My SQL, Ajax, and the Google API, which effectively categorize it as so.Second Life- Use this extremely popular virtual world to do just about anything, but first, you have to create your avatar.