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20-Sep-2017 17:16

Now their mother or father is old, maybe ailing, possibly broke.

With a sense of guilt and dread, these adults are grappling with whether and how to care for those who didn’t care for them.

Since the 1970s, a number of international conventions have come into effect that try to limit the participation of children in armed conflicts, nevertheless the Coalition to Stop the Use of Child Soldiers reports that the use of children in military forces, and the active participation of children in armed conflicts is widespread.

According to one study, children have been used militarily across the globe.

Watford Council was branded a 'disgrace' yesterday after excluding parents from two fenced-off adventure playgrounds unless they first undergo criminal record checks.

'A disgrace': Jenny Abbasi, with her children Aliyah (left), Tameena and Kareem, outside Harwoods Adventure Playground in Watford.

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Many are seized and recruited by force whereas others join to escape their circumstances.But furious parents attacked the move and threatened to boycott the playgrounds.Concerns were raised last night that other councils around the country are adopting similar policies amid confusion over Government rules and increasing hysteria over child protection.The military use of children takes three distinct forms: children can take direct part in hostilities as child soldiers; they can be used in support roles such as porters, spies, messengers, lookouts; or they can be used for political advantage as human shields or in propaganda.

Throughout history and in many cultures, children have been extensively involved in military campaigns even when such practices were against cultural morals.

Rochelle’s parents were never married and split when she was young. “We were the reason her life turned out as it did,” Rochelle says.

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