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Alderwoman Sarah Martin says she is working with the St.Louis Police to stop prostitution and drug deals in the area but sting operation are costly and require a lot of police resources.A grand jury has voted to not indict a 21-year-old Fairview Heights man charged in mid-April with sexual assault. Hall was charged after an underage girl checked into a hospital for treatment and told hospital staff she was a victim of criminal sexual assault.Prosecutors filed a Class 1 felony charge against Hall alleging sexual assault on April 13.

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Lazar served just 120 days in jail and was put on five years' probation. My practice offers individual talk therapy with an emphasis on adult and adolescent females. Sex Therapy is a form of talk therapy for the treatment of issues that include but is not limited to desire, arousal, pain disorders, dysfunction, assault and abuse. My goal is to help you improve stressful areas of your life. Sex therapy, a specialty area of talk therapy (for adolescents, with parental consent, this takes the form of healthy sexuality and relationship education). Trauma-focused therapy for survivors of abuse and other traumas.Unfortunately, while this is the first time Brown has caught two people in the act, she’s seen signs or sex and drug addiction left in her alley, like condoms and needles.

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She took pictures and posted them on Facebook to bring awareness and hopefully change.

“I understand why residents are concerned,” said Sarah Martin, Alderwoman for Ward 11. I wouldn't want my kids seeing it however we have really great things going for us in Carondelet and sometimes we focus only on the negative.” For Brown, the whole community must get involved to secure funding and resources at a state level to help the women and men off the streets and hooked on services that can potentially turn their lives around.